Comedic Observation Crash Course

Start doing more double takes!

Have zero desire to perform comedy, but want to try comedic methods in whatever creative thing you do or just to make daily life more amusing?

This crash course is designed for first-time comedic observers, so no prior training is necessary.

You’ll be able to find the funny everywhere if you make comedic observation a habit. Across 90 minutes, we’ll practice observation exercises and how to process what you notice with a comedic line of questioning. You’ll have your Comedic Observation Notepad™ in hand so nothing is going to get past you.

You may be fresh to this way of observing, but before long you’ll be doing double takes at overlooked oddities, strangeness, and lurking assumptions all around you.

Keep it up and your friends and co-workers are going to notice you noticing things differently and coming up with more idiosyncratic ideas.

This crash course is great for…
  • Making yourself more available to the comedy all around you
  • Processing your observations with a comedic line of questioning
  • Trying on different ways of thinking about what you’ve observed
  • Questioning well worn assumptions
  • Lengthening a short attention span
  • Reducing boredom on-the-go

Taking this for Professional Development?
Copy + paste this into your permission slip too.
  • Concept Development: Come up with more idiosyncratic ideas using this method!
  • Storytelling: Present your ideas and train of thought to nodding, possibly laughing, audiences!

What do you get?
  • 90 minutes of fun comedic instruction
  • Comedic Observation + Processing exercises you can use anytime
  • Your own pocketable Comedic Observation Notepad™

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About the Instructor

Hi, I’m Laura. Comedic observing is foundational to my practice as an artist and experience designer. I’ve been studying and performing comedy for over a decade and I think more creative minds should have access to the tools of comedy.

Not all of my design consulting projects result in a humorous expression, but I still use comedic methods to come up with creative ideas.

I figure, if there are more of us on the comedic lookout we’ll be putting our creative minds to more use, having more fun out here, asking strange questions, puzzling through complex topics, and making more considered things. We’ll also be spotting absurdities faster and have a better chance of getting them wiggled into alignment before things go awry.