Interested in creating a custom workshop for your team?

I offer small group workshops for creatives, scientists, futurists, and really anyone who wants to learn how to incorporate comedic methods and philosophies into their work.

Taking a comedic approach is great for sharpening observation skills, asking odd questions, developing ideas, and communicating them in ways that capture an audience’s imagination.

I’ve been teaching non-performers the tools of comedy for over a decade. After studying and performing all forms of comedy, I started adapting what I learned into workshops for colleagues at creative studios where I worked. Now, I lead comedic workshops at conferences, organizations, studios and universities.

I enjoy customizing workshops to meet specific objectives and team dynamics. I take getting to know my audience seriously. It’s part of the code of conduct for comedians.

Get in touch to discuss workshop ideas and options.

Workshop Examples
  • Design Like A Comedian
  • Present Like A Comedian
  • How To Write Comedic Analogies
  • Improv for Creatives
  • Comedic Strategies for Participatory Public Engagement
  • Performing Interaction Design