Emerging Etiquette: advice for the AI era

A participatory project where you become an advice columnist.

At Emerging Etiquette, near future realities are treated as present day dilemmas. We’re exploring what will become polite behavior in a society that is enmeshed with AI.

Want to offer advice on situations no one has ever experienced before?
Good, we need you. Each issue is authored by first-time advice columnists.

Been in an awkward social situation? Curious about AI? You’re hired.

Accept a position and you’ll be collaborating with 16 new hires and AI co-workers. We’ll provide the unusual advice requests. You’ll provide your slowly simmered takes on the future. Together, we’ll put out an issue.

We’re known for our fun working environment. There’s no need to be anything other than yourself as you explore this new workplace scenario.

Your employment ends after a quick 90 minute stint.

Learn more here.
Apply here. $10 fee for Issue 0.
ISSUE 0: February 18th 7-8:30pm
Report to the Portland, Oregon office.

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