Excuse Me, Algorighm: Did I say you could do that?

An exhibition of IFCI’s work about AI in our everyday lives.

Opening Party!
Saturday, October 1 2022

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Things To See + Do
Our data is wandering around and doing things we may not expect on our behalf. It can be fed into all sorts of AI applications. Come mock-shop, silly-walk, and fake-laugh your way through exploring these topics and imagining the role you want AI to play in your life.

Shop a mini-market and be profiled by its judgy algorithm.

Gait Augmentation Workout
Perfect your silly walk in an absurd workout about surveillance and privacy.

Fake laugh into a machine that remixes it to ‘real’. Debate if an AI should laugh like a human.

Have comments?
The timing couldn’t be better! The Federal Trade Commission is finally exploring new rules for regulating harmful commercial surveillance and lax data security practices.

We read the 100+ page request and are ready to help you gather your thoughts for public comment!