Laugh Crying: Research Project Launch

We laugh cry. No one knows exactly why. Seems it’s one of life’s great comedic biological mysteries.

We are pretty sure this will be the only Laugh Crying Research Project Launch event in Portland this fall. You don’t need to laugh cry to attend. We welcome all those curious about this bizarre comedic behavior to join us.

Talk: Long-time laugh crier, Laura Allcorn, will fill you in on our research and questions.  
  • Why do we laugh cry?
  • How does laugh crying shape our interactions?
  • What tends to bring us to laugh tears?
  • What conditions are favorable for laugh crying?
  • How does laugh crying affect our physiology?

We’ll share insights about why our eyes leak when we come unglued with laughter. Get ready to identify your lacrimal muscles! We’ll share thoughts from an interview we conducted with a researcher who studies dimorphous reactions (aka tears of joy) who helped us understand the theories around why we may laugh cry and what it signals to others. 

Report A Laugh Cry: We’d love to add your most memorable laugh crying episode to our collection! Come fill out a Laugh Crying Report. 

Laugh Crying Portrait Drawing: When’s the last time you had someone draw just your eyes like a first-time caricature artist while you tell them them about a time you laugh cried? We hope it will be at this event! 

Fear not if you don’t like drawing, there will be a template you can use that’s guaranteed to help you make eyes with laugh tears shooting out at the perfect angle.

We’ll wrap up with a show and tell. With your permission, we’ll hang your laugh crying portraits in the official Laugh Crying installation at IFCI.

Coming Soon!