Who Wants To Write An Email?

Our emails are writing themselves! It’s weird, right?

Who Wants To Write An Email? is the world's first quiz show about AI generated emails.

Images by Simon Lazewski

You can ask AI to write anything, and it will.

Since November 2022 text generating AI applications (like ChatGPT) have captured our imaginations. What happens when AI becomes a standard feature in your favorite email service? It’s about to.

This quiz show brings audiences to that very near future when we outsource emails to AI, asking a large language model to reply to difficult personal emails- like how to tell a neighbor that their bedroom curtains are in fact see-through.

Across this 90 minute show, audiences puzzle through different email scenarios and collectively make sense of the role we want AI to play in our lives. Is AI in or out of alignment with what we value?

Premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival 2023, nominated for the PromptPad Technical Innovation Award. Toured to VISUAL Carlow.

Funded by Science Foundation Ireland and Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute at Trinity College Dublin. With support from the ADAPT SFI Research Centre and the Institute For Comedic Inquiry. Developed at FRINGE LAB.

Become the next contestant!

Think you can tell human from machine?

Win the fastest finger contest.

Take the hot seat.

Use your lifelines — ask the audience or chat to our AI Expert.

Is that your final answer?

Okay AI, show us why you wrote that!

We’ll all try not to get woozy thinking like algorithms.

Audiences have felt the sentient satisfaction of being a human in an automated world.

They are calling the show 'funny, entertaining, thought-provoking, and innovative'!

Speaking about the project, show co-creator Laura Allcorn said:

“We created this participatory quiz show to make it fun for audiences to explore how AI powered generative text applications (like ChatGPT) actually work. Not just that, but to have a laugh while questioning how this application of AI shapes our identities, relationships, thinking, and language. What exactly does it mean to be human in an automated world?”
Image by Kevin Fink

Speaking about the project, Head of Education and Public Engagement at SFI, Dr Lisa Higgins said:

“AI is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, shaping our society, economy and our world. While offering the potential to help us accelerate research, for example in tackling the climate crisis or in finding new cures for diseases, we are still learning how to navigate its capabilities. A diversity of voices must be included in debating how we best manage the challenges it also presents. SFI supports engaging the public in these important conversations and theatre is a wonderfully creative and novel way to do so.”


Artist + Show Host - Laura Allcorn (Institute For Comedic Inquiry)

Researcher + AI Expert - Dr. Jennifer Edmond (ADAPT Research Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology + Trinity College Dublin Long Room Hub)

Lead Producer- Aoife Taylor

Motion Design - Sal Stapleton

Sound Design - Kevin Fink

Lead Technician - Peter Bond 

Technician - Ré Ní Bhroin

Stagehand - Cydney Thompson 

Voice Over Talent - Patrick Edmond

Set Build - Daragh O’Connor

Executive Producer - Aisling Murray

Consulting Producer - Mitzi D’Alton